Wednesday, February 13, 2013

back to printmaking

After finally completing wearable art for the show next month, I am happy to return to my experiments with gelatin plate monoprinting.  My goal is to create images on cloth to be stitched up for my next gallery show in September, as well as images on paper for a museum show here in November.
monoprinting on paper and book pages using acrylic paint and Akura watercolor printing ink
I like the richly layered detail possible with the gelatin process - this is a print on paper
a selection of prints on cloth, both hand dyed and plain cotton - these are small, about 6x8 inches, printed with textile paint and/or acrylics
monoprint on cotton with Akura watercolor ink
Today Lent begins with Ash Wednesday service at churches around the world, including at our little Lutheran church on the hill in town where I will be this evening.  Flossy and I wish you all a sweet season of reflection and a returning to Light.


  1. Dear Sus,
    I like your prints very much! Love it how you do your experiments. I am nosy how it works on cloth.... your tree on blue ground... delicious!

    Sometimes reflection isn't sweet... but necessary. Wish you a good Lent! Hugs to Flossy!

    xo Ariane.

  2. winter has no influence on your creative energy it seems,so much to see here, i like your trees and houses and ladders , they come back in so many different colors and moods, x

  3. Sus, this is a sweet season indeed. xo Carole

  4. Sus, I'm really loving your monoprints. The one in the bottom right corner with the house and tree and ladder is my favorite, I think...


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