Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scene, Recently #33

I am having internet connectivity issues - such a small thing, but vexing!

Out the road on Sunday afternoon, a sun break created a rainbow.
Monday morning, at the Mighty Mighty Day Job, we looked out the window at these dudes, waiting for the high tide to bring fish up the slough for their breakfast.
Hope your week is going well - and that I get my network fixed today!  WAHHHH!


  1. hey! i see blue sky! forget the eagles! (just kidding)

    smiling at the blue sky and gentle delight of the first pic...


  2. I love the picture with the rainbow!

  3. Your eagles reminded me of the red tailed hawk that swooped down into our back yard the other day. Oh so exciting until we realized he had grabbed a wee bird from the feeder on his way up!
    I hope everything is working well by now. Have a great week. xo Carole

  4. eagles? WOW! and wonderful blue sky in alaska!!
    wish you a great week, mano

  5. those dudes indeed! ugrrghghg.
    nice to look at like that though...
    hope your internet is fully up again.
    we don't want no vexing.

  6. I miss the bald eagles and the pine trees. Thanks for giving me a glimpse.


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