Saturday, February 2, 2013

Discovery DC

I discovered several things this week, while contemplating the drawing challenge theme, 'discovery' proposed by Emily

graphite, watercolor and casein in 8x6 'epsilon'

Reading this anthology of art criticism from 1964-1978 by the brilliant and iconoclastic Amy Goldin, I discover new ways of thinking about making art...

'Winter Moons'; 30"x22", acrylic collage on paper
 ...and making this collage I discover some new ways of painting about the things I am thinking about.
Be an explorer - lots more discoveries by some fabulous artists in this week's drawing challenge linked over at Emily's beautiful blog


  1. eyes and magnifying glass and another world appears but at the end of the post i make a great discovery 'Wintermoon', this is a great work, i can keep looking at it and discover more and more beauty, i love the balance between light and dark, that tree in the right corner, a peeping star or sun,just love everything i see, xx

  2. I will definitely need to check out this book you mentioned by Goldin. I found this link to an LA times article for others interested:
    Your final acrylic painting college is so rich and layered and a place I want to explore! thank you for the great post.

  3. GREAT collage, sus. I need to check out that book. Have a wonderful week. xo

  4. So much to see/ discover in your drawings...and the collage is just beautiful! I could stare at it for a long long time! really love it-

  5. Such a beautiful sense of mystery, Sus. I love the house and ladder imagery too.

  6. my dear sus, love your pisces (they really fit into my world!) and the collage, great work. can't wait to see what's going to happen next, your step in a new project.
    what a challenge without spending money!!
    go girl;) love, julia

  7. Wonderful Winter Moon...there are really so many things to discover! A pefect composition.
    Have a wonderful week

  8. The Winter Moons make me think of Kandinsky..
    Have a great new week sus :)

  9. wonderful collage, there are so many things to discover! :)) mano

  10. Dear Sus:
    I like the surprises peaking from the letters in the first composition. My eye darted to and fro looking for a cross, or crosses, and so when I came upon the second painting, of course I thrilled to see them. This painting is so layered with symbolism it's rich. It reminds me of the guy who painted the goats and ladders in space. I think he was Russian. OH! And now that I go back to it, I do see ladders in space. Going to houses. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Now I have to go spend some time with it. Love this to bits. *smiles* Norma, x

  11. these are wonderful
    how awesome that you have new ways of looking at and exploring art!

  12. learning and developing your own style, great way to good art.


  13. Discovery, exploring, searching.....all good words to follow their lead. Your collage really captures the wonder of it all. Lovely movement from the lightness into the the dark night sky. xo Carole

  14. Winters moons is a work of yours?
    I congratulate you!
    when we're ready to discover things we must keep an open mind, right?
    I like your work Discovery!!!!

  15. happy discoveries....! what a joy... like a journey.
    mhmmm. in thoughts i am here. wonderful.
    thxs for your sweet words, dear sweet susan.

    Your collage is so fantastic and beautiful, congrats!
    x Stefanie

  17. Cool collage! I liked your sentence "new ways of painting about the things I am thinking about." Ok, I would substitute "stitching" for painting, but it hit home. My brain has been totally taken over by a difficult subject and I'm trying to get it out of my head and onto a sketchbook page. Anyway, I especially loved your bead post. Beautiful.
    best, nadia


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