Friday, February 22, 2013

Glass - DC

glass paperweights given me by my father when i was in high school

tiny pig figurine found at the basement sale long ago
the Sailor brought this minature ship-in-a-bottle home from Japan
door knob found in a Seattle at a thrift store when we lived there
my favorite book case at home has beveled doors that slide out from the top

 Legend (perhaps):
Invented in the Desert
The chemistry of fire
mixed with sand –
Lovely in its translucence.

Let my heart be lovely
Like glass unbroken
Light reflecting
Fragile, delicate
Clear, bright, colorful.

Save my heart from
Being as glass obscured
Brittle and sharp
When broken.

Glass is the theme of this week's drawing challenge.  There are plenty of takes on the topic to be seen at the blogs of these wonderful artists: Carole, Norma, Kel, Ariane, Patrice, Renilde, Stefanie, Helen, Mano, Sue, Ramona, Tania, Cindi,. Roberto  Emily Do go have a look!


  1. dear susan,
    the great collection tells us a bit of you and your life!
    the book case looks very interesting, I like it.
    I was thinking of the sand, too.
    And lots of german phrases concerning to glass came in my mind.
    Thanks for hosting this d.c.
    x Stefanie

  2. dear susan
    I keep looking at that book case
    that looks so great!
    must be my love for books too ;^))

    I have posted!

    Patrice A.

  3. Hi, Susan, today I did a post on my blog, and then I realized it fits right in your proposal: Glass, may I participate?

  4. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful poem, thank you. (I am so jealous of your bookshelf)

  5. Beautiful glass surrounds you, Sus! xo Carole

  6. Sus
    the poem is beautiful and I too have treasured glass paperweights. They are lovely objects to look at and hold as well as practical.
    This was an interesting challenge I had a lot fun with it.


    Helen x

  7. Susan,
    After seeing the items contained in your "Back in the Box" exhibition, I know from this and your other works that you love and explore symbols. Each of these items must have a lovely story to tell. I can't wait to see how you will weave them into something powerful and colorful.

    Thanks for allowing me to participate. Cindi

  8. You have a wonderful collection Sus
    Have a good weekend !

  9. Cool collection!
    I like the shot of the door knob with the orange/red background.
    Love the tiny pig figurine

  10. Wonderful! dear Susan!
    wonderful collection... and yes, that book case... makes me really curious... wanna see more...
    And your words, Dear, your words are like a beautiful song.

    Thank you for this wonderful translucent theme!

    xo Ariane.

  11. dear Sus,your words saying so much,
    reflecting light,that's what i like about glass too,
    you give us a little peek into your life, your memories by means of glass,beautiful objects that have their own story to tell, the sailor bringing home a ship-in-a-bottle, heartwarming,
    thanks for a theme with lots of possibilities, x

  12. Oh Susan, what a delightful bookcase and collection of treasures. I love the glass paperweights, too. Saw a beautiful collection of them at the Sandwich Glass Museum in Sandwich, Mass. I am also posting for this challenge, might you add my name to the list? merci merci, emily

  13. This was such a great challenge theme Sus! Your dad was a gem to give you those utterly beautiful objects (paper weights) for you to use, enjoy, enmesh creative impulses in, and be reminded of a beloved family member all at the same time. Looking at your lovely treasures that surround you, gave me the thought that glass needs light. I guess everything does hey? I dunno, abstract thoughts abound. Perhaps I need lunch. LOL *big hugs today* Norma, x

  14. Oh what beautiful glass pieces you have Sus! I am sorry I was not able to join in the challenge - life gets too busy sometimes! I am enjoying catching up on what everyone shared! I love your paperweights ... and the glass bookcase ... and the door knob and the ship in a bottle - they all bring back my own stories of similar yet different glass items.

  15. Great collection! Those paperweights are adorable!
    My glass posting was late, but it finally arrived.
    Thank you so much for hosting, I has so much fun with this theme!


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