Saturday, February 9, 2013

DC: Stamps (for a New Republic)

photo transfer on cotton, ink, prismacolor; approximate 1"x2"
Southeast Alaska has succeeded from the United States and formed its own country: the Republic of Rainsylvania.  (Petersburg is the capital, of course).

Stamp of the Republic of Rainsylvania

Rainsylvania's motto: 'In Art We Trust'

The lovely Helen, writer of the always stimulating blog, Objects of Whimsey, brought us the Drawing Challenge this week, 'Stamps'.  You may visit her there for a glimpse of the philatelic endeavors of some very fine artist-bloggers.


  1. i don't know if i want to live in RAINsylvania, though i happened to notice the beautiful landscapes there ;)but the motto is one to my heart
    i love the use of cotton Sus, cotton stamps well they would certainly become a collector's item, love them xx

  2. These are sweet. What a great idea!! Have a wonderful week, sus! xo

  3. Hi Sus, I'm totally in love with your heart stamps, what a great idea! What about a few stamps from Sunsylvania?

  4. Sus you funny gal you made my day. I am sorry about the rain but I am glad that it spurred this fabulous art work from you, talented friend! Oh these are delightful. Tiny. Great design. As Valentine's Day is coming up, I particularly appreciate the heart speared by the arrow. One of these days I'd love to learn how to do transfers onto fabric. I'm just getting myself able to do a reasonable paper gel image transfer. But I've been dreaming of getting an image onto fabric and then doing collage. Yes, I second that~~IN ART WE TRUST. Such great work you do. *smiles* Norma, x

  5. Ha, Sus, these stamps are brilliant! "In Art We Trust" ..... Rainsylvania is the place for artists to be with a motto like that! It's awfully rainy here this week but at least we have some snowdrops blooming in the garden. I hope you are keeping snug and warm. Happy week to you. xo Carole

  6. I could definitely live in RAINsylvania after years of droughtsville!

    These are great Sus the idea is excellent and I really love the use of fabric as the stamp medium. Very clever indeed.

    Helen x

  7. Ha, the stamps, these are great, Sus. Looks like you had fun. I'm sure they'll be part of some other great creation too!

  8. I love the motto too! and as of the weekend I am living a bit south of you in Snowsylvania :)
    I like how you did your stamps on cloth- I wanted something like that too- the colors are lovely- and the heart is iconic!

  9. Rainsylvania...? Could be the name of my country here, too! ;o)
    Your fabric stamps are fantastic! Great idea to use new material for stamps of a new country!

  10. I have been up to Alaska on a cruise and I have to admit that the stamp on RAIN is quite apt. love stamps too...

  11. Love your stamps and the motto! Sorry you are in the rain..hope the sun shines soon. We are still in Snowville and will be for sometime. BUT the sun has started its return, and I turned my face to it today and it was beautiful! I hope it arrives on your doorstep soon

  12. 'IN ART WE TRUST' is a great quote, dear Sus!
    And that you take a heart for the sign of southeast Alaska tells us about your relationship to your country, doesn't matter how the weather is. Great work!

    xo Ariane.

  13. ;^))
    rainsylvia, haha!
    I love what you did
    with the colors, the heart
    the quote
    you made me smile this day
    and that felt so good
    after two days of migraine

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  14. so wonderful! "in art we trust! is great! :)) mano

  15. These are great. Small is so special.

  16. "Rainsylvania"? I live there too, made all the more fun now with these lovely little stamps.


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