Saturday, February 16, 2013

DC - To the Lighthouse

'the lighthouse' - graphite and watercolor/watercolor pencils in 8x6 epsilon
'The lighthouse was then a silvery, misty-looking tower with a yellow eye, that opened suddenly, and softly in the evening'.
-Virginia Woolf
'To the Lighthouse'

Our Drawing Challenge this time - lighthouse - was presented to us by the amazing artist-blogger Renilde.  You would be wise to follow the beacon over to her place where more lighthouses are gleaming.  (Drawing Challenges are open to one and all; I have found them to be not only excellent fun, but a source of convivial comrades and mind expanding images).


  1. This reminds me of something really funny -- many years ago I was with a friend in upstate NY and we saw a blurb in a strip mall from someone looking for help. The ad said "Light house keeping." We thought, "where the heck is there an lighthouse around here?" LOL
    Have a great weekend. Love your drawing. xo

  2. oh, this is a wonderful, wonderful painting, sus... wow...


  3. Oh my gosh I love this sailor's green eyes. The intent in his gaze. It's so awesome. What art Sus!!! *smiles* Norma, x

  4. The colours are amazing especially the blue beret such a fabulous image holding the lighthouse in his hand. Love it!

    Helen :)

  5. your work is funny and touching at the same time Sus,the sailor's hat and marine shirt, the hand holding the small lighthouse and the flashes reflecting in the eyes; together it makes your work amusing and interesting, thanks dear Sus, xx

  6. Susan, what a transfixed expression on your sailor/captain figure. Ahh to hold the light on one's palm. Also I love that you also print!. Oh I just saw Naorma's comment...we are thinking along the same "expression" lines.

  7. These eyes, dear Sus!
    The whole gesture... what a power... to hold this lighthouse in his hands... very forceful. And I like Virginia Woolfs writing very much... its vivid! as your drawing.... its a great drawing! wow!

    x Ariane.

  8. and i still haven't read it, although now i have both the translated and original version. what to think of that? agree with ariane.. thse eyesssssss....

  9. Her lighthouse and happiness makes me smile, Sus.

  10. Wow! Such an intense view! Look at these green eyes!


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