Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Drawing

pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 8x6 epsilon

pigma pen and watercolor in 8x6 epsilon

'Year of the Snake is Coming' - pigma pen and watercolor pencils (including inktense) in 8x6 epsilon

'Inventory' - pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 8x6 epsilon
Today I offer you a selection of recent daily drawings for your viewing amusement.   The week here is flying by and I am finding contentment in simple things: lengthening days and silvery light, silly pets, laughing with friends.  What's making you smile today?


  1. You are such a Great Artist!
    Love the colors

  2. lovely and interesting Sus, dreams and emotions translated in your own typical style,the/ your dog is sooo cute, x

  3. Daily drawing? Very good idea, should do that one day, maybe next year, this year I'm busy with my daily collage project - don't miss my giveaway on
    Like the last one best!

  4. Ha, Sus, the year of the snake !!!! (must be special for you ...)
    Love your "Wintermoons" piece very much !

  5. You, dear Sus, make me smile today as did lunchtime fun with Arya (9mos now1) in her highchair! xo

  6. would you believe your drawings here made me smile bright open? these are heavenly little mementoes! i do feel like the woman in the first image so, not doing exercises, just staying that way, like most of the time... ha ha ha... nah, not thàt bad either, but it does give way a little to my inners.
    viewing these i realize i am reaching the stage of missing it and you all so much. i wanted to get there, i am slowly reaching destination. soon the road will be even again...
    cheerio, susan.

  7. Wow..beautiful..these are all fabulous..i love year of the snake one..stunning!

  8. I love seeing your daily drawings... so much fun. They made me smile. I too enjoying the days with a bit more sunlight. I had a wonderful walk in the snow and sun filled forest today. So beautiful.

  9. I love you and Flossie the best great drawings though Sus I agree with Kim its great to see your daylies.

    Helen :)


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