Wednesday, March 13, 2013

As I Leave...

Today I hope to be leaving for Other Parts of the World.  
However, it is snowing.  

 Alaska Airlines says call back in two hours.


Anyway, this delay gives me a chance to make my usual Wednesday appearance here in Blogland. 
I am posting pics of the work I did last week:

 ...making collagraph plates with fun foam on cardboard...

...foam texture plates,
 and lots of monoprints on sandwashed cotton broadcloth from Dharma Trading Company:

my wall of work in progress

These monoprints on cloth are waiting for me to come back and stitch them into completion.  It's a good way to leave things, I think, sort of in mid-stream.
See you when I get to Denver.
(Come ON, Flight 65!  You can do it)!


  1. These are wonderful, Susan and I love the pun! So hard to imagine snow when it is sunny outside. I also left on a snowy day, and now sit eating oranges and kumquats in the land of Disney.

    I am still figuring out blogland. Have added a post and am working on a third, and finally figured out how to add a gadget for subscribers. And I brought my sketchbook with me (so thank you for that inspiration!).

    Safe travels, Cindi

  2. Sure hope you make it out, Susan ... 'tis lashin' with rain here and I'm keeping a snorkel by the back door ;>/ Fingers crossed for you!

    p.s. such a good plan to have all that stitching work awaiting your return ....

  3. Hey Sus, I hope the snow slows down a bit (a lot) so you can fly away !
    Have a good trip !

  4. Safe travels Sus ;-)

  5. I hope flight 65 made its way out and you are on your way to Denver. It is not snowing here, but temperature is still -30. Spring is on its way though! Your wall of work in progress is spectacular!!!

  6. I have never heard of foam texture plates. I like what you have done with them.

  7. I love these monoprint/collographs on fabric, and the way you've combined the elements and colors in these beautiful prints. Fantastic!


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