Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daily Drawing

pigma pen in 8x6 gamma

pigma pen and inktense pencils in 8x6 gamma

pigma pen and inktense pencils in 8x6 gamma

pigma pen with intense pencils and white gel pen in 8x6 gamma
I offer a glimpse into some of the drawings done last week in Denver for your consideration today.  I purchased a pigma pen with a thick, brush-like tip as well as a felt-tip style one called a 'Graphic', and am enjoying the variety of line weight these additions to my pen arsenal afford.
Off to the Might Mighty Day Job, one more day and then the studio at last tomorrow!  Happy day to you, Dear Readers.


  1. I love all these, Susan, but I needed to see your last drawing with the question, "What old ideas am I holding on to today?"

    Thank you and here's hoping your mighty mighty day job hours go quickly! Cindi

  2. Hey Sus, it looks like you love yours as much as I love the pigma "brush" pens! They have a painterly quality without the drying time of watercolours. Your bottom drawing is another one that could easily become a poster! Beautiful image with words I needed to hear today. Happy day to you! xo Carole

  3. Hi Susan: You have an amazingly creative mind. So glad you're sharing it with the world through your blog.

  4. You are fierce in your art. Fierce in a good way. I love the flowing lines of the second the leaves are fish to my eyes. And the spirit person is swimming in the leaves. In the bottom one, how the bits of sky are a prism of stars and colours. But mostly I like how the hair are trees. Awesome stuff Sus. Love this. N, x

  5. Finally I am getting up the courage (again) to do the kind of drawing that you have been doing for ages. You are an inspiration to me, thank you.

  6. and a happy day to you, sus... as always, i love looking at your smile making drawings.

    you got a new sleeping bag?! nice... : )


  7. Always a joy to see them, Sus ! Have a good Easter weekend !

    (yes, back again ;-) !)

  8. that first drawing holds my attention!


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