Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daily Drawing

Continuing my practice of (nearly) daily drawing, I offer here some of the recent developments in my sketch books:
I am doing exercises from Wendy Hollender's book 'Botanical Drawing in Color'...
(Thanks, Lynne, for the recommendation of this FINE text book!)
and just fooling around as usual...

...had a little fun with an old Vogue magazine and my glue stick...

...and creating a page for my new sketch book, started on the first of the month, when the Sailor got home, so happy!

She was drawn with one of those lovely water soluble Stabilo pencils and the water brush my Mom gave me.

pigma pen and prismacolor pencils in my new gamma 8x6 book
We are relishing a sunny week - hope you are relishing, whatever you have where you are!


  1. I always love your drawings. I think you could publish your own book -- instruction plus lots of your drawings. Really. xo

  2. I admire you so much for drawing every day! It's fun to see how you play with different styles and materials. Lovely stuff here. Really lovely!

  3. Yes, congrats Sus on drawing every day--sometimes I write every day :) Concentrating on that for now, but drawing every day is next up. xoxo

  4. I am just scrolling up and down..up and down...up and good!

  5. Hey I just agree with Connie !!!
    (great he's home ;-) !)

  6. Hi Sus, just love getting peaks into your sketch books. You are so diligent, which I admire.
    Is your first drawing done on smooth paper or does the paper have some texture?
    Say ahoy to Sailor for me.

  7. Wonderful images! I have indulged in a little colored pencil drawing, wedged in between other activities. In years past there was always a pencil in my hand. Time to get back to that, it seems. These are lovely inspirations.

  8. I love your fooling around. Your creativity is so inspiring to me. Keep 'em coming.

  9. What an amazing amount of BEAUTIFUL and diverse work you are sharing here. I am in awe... and hoping to find just a smidgen of time/energy to create soon! I love your post.

  10. 'what will i do next summer' made me smile, wonderful!
    imagination, where would we be without it, so nice to look at your 'world', xx

  11. this is a great and interesting post, I love the last image... and I thought the first one is for the drawing challenge this weekend, to me it is the moon!
    x Stefanie

  12. hey! i'm just seeing this... smiling at your play from the botanical drawing book... : )

    i agree with everyone - and i was just thinking this very thing looking at the 'moon' post. you're so diverse, sus... you do so many things well. i marvel at your different techniques/styles...

    happy sunday to you my friend.



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