Saturday, March 2, 2013


Sometimes I feel like I am just spinning my creative wheels, not able to really get started because I don’t know what I want to say.  The past couple of weeks have been like that, drifty and discouraging.  
detail, work in progress, textile paint monoprint on cotton, machine stitching
A couple of helpful posts by artists whose work I admire have given me renewed enthusiasm.  Jane Dunnewold is a guest artist this month over at And Then We Set It On Fire.  Her essay on using the right tools lifted my spirits as she reminded me that the work I have been doing recently – sketching, making new stencils and masks, thinking – is by no means wasted time but indeed, critical to creative success.  
masks coated with gel medium drying on waxed paper

detail, textile paint monoprint on hand dyed cotton
Yesterday’s post at The Fairy Yellow Bug Queen also cheered me.  Norma writes: ‘Nothing is perfect, in life, or in art. I am ignoring the imperfect bits and won't bore you by pointing them out. My complete purpose in doing these pieces is to learn. I am having so much fun…’.
detail, textile paint monoprint with hand and machine stitching

detail, textile paint monoprint with beads and machine stitching
I am off to the studio today with an attitude of gratitude for the creative PROCESS rather than a demand of myself for a steady stream of PRODUCT.  Thanks to all of you in Blogland for your contagious enthusiasm for art and life with all its beauty and magic.  I appreciate you!


  1. Hi, Sus. Enjoyed reading this thoughtful post because (of course) you're playing with textiles and stitching. I especially like the blue detail. You also got me to thinking about process vs. product. hmmm. I guess I just don't see "product" when I work. It feels more like giving birth. But, yes, an "attitude of gratitude" helps. I like the way you put it.
    best, nadia

  2. Hey Sus! So I was just starting to get all fired up with excitement about your work. When I was learning forward into the screen to admire closely, the composition of the stitching in particular, and how you were creating depth, and texture, and mystery, and interest...and that I was going to say that in the comments section...and I find myself mentioned in so high a light and now I'm speechless with gratitude for your words. Well I have a few for you. You inspire me the same way and I know that you inspire others also. I am happy for your journey and really thrilled and honoured mostly, that you allow us to see it, and hear about it. Your work is brilliant. Have a nice day. Hugs, Norma, x

  3. No, no things lost: the process is somewhere stored in your mind, hands and eyes and it will all come to good use sooner or later.
    Love all the subtle blues in that first picture, Sus ! Ha, and a "paper" moon !!

  4. blowing you kisses, sus...


    one who is also inspired by norma

  5. I love what your up to regardless of whether anything is finished at the moment. Life's just one big process, after all. We're never really finished with it, with anything. My motto with regard to my own work is "Perfect ENOUGH just as it is." Happy weekend! xo

  6. These are such true thoughts you've written down- I often feel like I'm not getting anywhere even when I'm creating- it is all pertinent and part of a larger experience, the process and I find I have the most success when I just let go of the outcome and enjoy the process :)

    PS this is a really beautiful direction your going here with the fabric and sewing- love it!

  7. This was the perfect post for me to read tonight..... thank you. Nadia's comment about feeling as though she's giving birth to her new works really hit home for me. I haven't felt that way for a few months. Tomorrow I'm spring cleaning the studio, tossing some things I've been holding on to for far too long, and will start "birthing" fresh ideas. Happy days to you, dear Sus. xo Carole

  8. Yes, I feel the same way about blogland. I get so much support from reading posts such as the one you've written here, and from the connection I feel to women mostly, around the world through the internet.

    Best wishes to you. xx

  9. Oh your words are so true Sus. I constantly remind myself to enjoy the process. By doing this I will learn, and so often as well love the outcome. These bits you have shared are beautiful! Your tree masks are delightful, and your sewn house devine! I too am so thankful for this amazing and supportive art blogging community. Blown away actually...

  10. And I appreciate you too Susan.

    Very thought provoking post. Thank you:)) I can say that for myself, the incubating process is as important as the outcome. The creative process is alive and well in many ways outside of the studio.


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