Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lino Cuts

Happy Easter, everyone.  We had lots of extra activities going on through Holy Week here, so I am having a bit of trouble getting myself back on schedule after getting home from traveling.  As a result, this post comes up a day later than my usual Saturday post.

I have the honor to design the poster art for our local Rain Forest Festival this year, and with that in mind, I have been cutting some new stamps.  Have a look:
I begin my stamp cutting process by drawing the image in a sketch book, using a real soft pencil, which facilitates the transfer of the design to the stamp block surface.  (This is a raven, which we have lots and lots of).

  And, with apologies to Nadine, here is a wolf, maybe looking pretty friendly and domesticated.  Once the drawing is complete, I lay it face down on top of the cutting surface of the soft-kut block and rub the back with my bone folder to transfer the image.
Using Speedball linoleum cutting tools and the transferred lines, I carve into the block, removing the rubber where I do not want ink to adhere.  
 After the stamp is cut, I check my work by inking with a black stamp pad and printing on sketch book paper.  Once I like what I've got, I often print the new stamp off on a fresh piece of soft-kut to produce a mirror image.
Here are some test prints of the raven and wolf stamps.  I think the wolf looks a bit fiercer now, do you agree?
Watch out for tricksters!  Tomorrow is April First which is a day to trick and joke your friends in this country.  Do you have April Fools Day where you live? 


  1. GREAT stamps! Have a lovely week. xo

  2. Your stamp images are wonderful!. Thanks for the tutorial.xo

  3. Awesome stamps! Can you do a fox?

  4. When I travel to the city, there is a new highway, and across the 4 lanes there is a bridge for animals high above, from one wilderness bush to the other. It is decorated with images like the ones you have made here, bold and energetic.

    A parade of animals.

  5. lovely lino cuts! Yes the wolf definitely looks more fierce/wild in the stamp version...also love the little weasel like animal carving. As for April fools day ... definitely celebrated here, it is also my dad's birthday (80 years young tomorrow!)so the jokes often happen to him.

  6. Very nice! I still treasure the linocuts made as a group when Evon Zerbetz was here. Mine was of a sapsucker on a tree, and we each made enough prints so that everyone had a full set from all the participants, including Evon. They would make a lovely little paste paper book.

    We were swarmed by neotropical migrant birds today so no joke tomorrow. It is seriously spring!

  7. I hope you had a wunderful easter, even with the travelling and the rest of the busy stuff! Your stamps are looking great! I love them! and we do have april the first over here in the netherlands. it was my mother's birthday and since she pasted away it became a bit of a sad day.... anyway; I wish you a good day!

  8. Ha ! making stamps is sooo much fun !

  9. we have lots of crows here too , i like them, i just have a weak spot for birds,
    we have had no wolfs in Belgium for many years now but small groups of wolves are migrating in our direction (heard it on the news yesterday)looking for fresh territory, as they are on top of a food pyramid that's good news, nature is refinding its balance.

    and your crows and wolves are great, looking forward to your poster.
    nobody fooled me :) xx

  10. Yes, your wolf is absolutely more fierce in print! littleWolf will be proud......
    Our Easter was warm and sunny and filled with outdoors and family.
    xo Carole

  11. Great stamp images Sus!! Your style is so book-like. [I mean the style I love to see illustrating books to help tell the story]. These are gorgeous! They would look extremely wonderful stamped on the outside of a snail mail letter. If you feel like sending one to me ~~ I'll send you one back with some sort of illustration on it. N, xo

  12. oh wow, sus! love these!! yeah, the wolf looks fierce - but somehow gentle...


  13. beau travail! la gravure donne du caractère ..


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