Monday, March 25, 2013

DC - Egg (back home again)

Apologies to fellow DC'ers for being late in posting my Egg images, but travel back to our island interrupted my regular schedules over the weekend.  At last I am home again; here are two takes on the Egg theme presented us by Norma.
Fresh eggs at my friend Polly's kitchen, hard boiled for our luncheon salad.

Thinking about eggs in my 8x6 gamma with pigma pen and inktense pencils
There are a nest full of eggs for you to consider, linked at Norma's egg-cellent blog.
Blessings to you as Holy Week begins, and a Happy Easter to all!


  1. Okay that's it Sue! Now I must do something with eggs so I can eat some. What a celebration of the delicious, the magnificent egg! Hard boiled sounds great...for starters...think I'll get the pot on the stove. Thanks for this delicious visual. Grand, fun, and true. Loved this romp, art friend. *smiles* N, xo
    Happy Easter to you.

  2. a feast of eggs ,you're so right Sus, the perfect food,
    thinking about some crepes now :) xx

  3. your take is totally Easter-inspired, or definitely how i remember Easter from childhood. i thought the egg lent itself so well to draw upon its form, like it is done in many, many cultures.
    and now i'm off to hunt for chocolate eggs, because these also inspire to munch!

  4. wonderful nest of easter eggs - I love them all! and I love to eat them all... I most like scrambled eggs with feta chese and herbs!
    happy easter to you! :)) mano

  5. Hi sus, it makes me want to run into the kitchen and cook and color eggs just for the fun of it, because I don't like hard boiled eggs too much, I would rather go with manos recipe.
    The recipe for the eggnog cake will follow.
    Your drawn eggs are so wonderfully free and easter inspired and a good way to forget about the snow who is still there. Argh.
    Have a nice week

  6. This looked like such a fun challenge but I felt overwhelmed with other responsibilities this week. So lovely to see what others have come up with.

    Welcome home!

  7. Yum! those are some good looking eggs- would be cool if they came in your variety of colors naturally :)

  8. yes, the perfect food and the shape is perfectly perfect. i truly marvel over eggs...

    happy easter, sus...


  9. Eggs really are the perfect food, except when someone is sitting next to you on a bus eating one, then it stinks like a rotten egg! ha ha. Your drawing would make a terrific poster! Happy Easter to you my dear blogging friend! xo


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