Saturday, March 16, 2013

DC - Willow

The breath of spring
calls a very special willow
to venture forth
on our fair Island.
'Pussy Willow' - pigma 'brush' pen and Inktense pencils in 8x6 gamma sketchbook
Our willow theme, brought to us by a very special Blogland friend and painter, Carole, also made me think of my favorite kind of furniture: the kind constructed of branches.  (So of course I had a go at drawing that, too)!
'Willow Chair' - Inktense pencils in 8x6 gamma


  1. Hi Sus, I wondered when one of us would mention willow furniture. Your chair looks comfy and ready for visitors to relax in. Are you going willow hunting with your parents this week? Do willows grow there? Have a great week! xo Carole
    PS I just noticed your word willow in the first drawing! It has matching w's.

  2. A beautiful border on the composition, and a beautiful chair. I love the blue shadow below, and the individual leaf shapes and the large leaf shape on the back of the chair. Awesome lines, art friend!! N, xo

  3. Aren't they so fresh and spring like?

  4. Sus, your willow chair would look superb in my garden,
    oh those vivid greens and blues are telling me of what is to come, a refreshing springtime, yeah! your chair makes me so happy :) xx

  5. cool, a willow chair! that really makes me smile!
    nice drawings, so just friendly!
    x Stefanie

  6. I love the peaceful colors of your pussywillows, and the willow chair. A few years back I bought a couple child-sized willow chairs from Harvey Patten in Atlin, with the intention of sending them as baby gifts. They were so expensive to ship that I still have both. My granddaughter uses them when she visits, and they seem like sweet reminders of what we imagine to be a simpler time. Your drawings capture their essence.

  7. Oh, dear Sus,
    I see Spring here... in your drawings! Beautiful Pussy willow-Typo and your chair, Hon, I wanna sit in that and breathe the fresh air, feet in shadow gras under the chair and hear its little groaning when I bend down to clutch at a cool water...
    Wonderful drawings!

    xo Ariane.

  8. willow hunting! you guys do that, seriously? i think we may be prohibited here, to do so. but then, we have few, i guess.

    your pussy willow looks the part too, growing from type, i'll say! ha, have i somehow forgotten about the pussies? am i late? i know where i can find some. perhaps i should go investigate this afternoon? see, your inviting drawings instigate this. fairytale book drawings too!

  9. a willow chair - this is so beautiful! I'll like to sit in it in the sun, read a book, drink a coffee...
    and I love your pussy willow - spring colours!
    :-) mano

  10. Oh! these colors are so welcoming now:))) Willow love!!

  11. Mmmmmm, quite "springy" this one .....


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