Saturday, June 1, 2013

Key DC

Keys have long held a fascination for me.  
Always a collector of the small and random, I have quite an assortment of them.
Skeleton keys - we loved these things when we were kids.

Last time I was at my parents house, Dad gave me this box full.

Wonder what they all opened way back when...
I like little Mr. Key on WR2.
We used to think of pirate treasure when we played with old keys.

More keys and key fobs from my Dad.

This key was obviously important at one time, but I have no idea now what it opened.
'Memory of X'
lock of hair in plastic cigarette wrapper, found objects and papers, 2"x4"x1/2"

Keys are mysterious and connected to memory for me.   
Our wonderful Renilde was the hostess for the drawing challenge this week.  More artists locks and  keys can be found at her outstanding blog, where her paintings will also amaze you!


  1. what a beautiful collections of keys, I love it! and like you I would love to know what they were for... and the one with the hart, wonderful! the box you made looks mysterious, makes me it very much!

  2. great collection and that little box! I agree keys are mystic.
    It´s difficult to throw them away if you don´t know where it belongs to.
    x Stefanie

  3. exactly. keys hold such mystery. i have a few in da house, either left here, or gotten elsewhere, and although i'm not doing anything with these, i can't part with them. i even have a huge one on my key bunch, for safety, i'm guessing? hee hee... superstition...

    a memory box is so befitting a key!

  4. wauw.... all those keys
    love those skeleton keys
    and yes, mysterious
    what did they open?.....


  5. I can hear the rambling sound of the keys in their little red plastic box ;–)
    The key with the lion on it is wonderful!

  6. Whoa this is great Sus! I like the clever hanging mechanics you came up with. Simple. This looks like it would have been a fun one to do. I've never done anything like this, but your work here really makes me want to. Love it!!! N, xo
    p.s. I can see this hanging on a bulletin board somewhere, confusing people. They are looking at a work of art but don't know it kind of thing. Fun.

  7. oh what a wondeRful little box. i love it.
    and always the question - which hole is the Right hole.
    gReat. thanks. käthe.

  8. Dear Sus, I love your collection of keys a lot and I have a basket of old keys from my parents too and yes its true they hold mysterious treasures, secets and more.
    I love those old castlestyle keys and hope that I will some one day on a fleamarket.
    Your little collage-box is fantastic!
    xo BarbaraBee

  9. What a wonderful little keybox! I love it and your collection! Keys are so so exciting, especially the old ones but also some of the new! Your Lion key is fantastic!
    Meike ♥

  10. i ♥ the key with the ♥. and the key with the lion is very special.

    thanks for sharing your wonderful and mysterious collection and thanks for your words @ my blog :o)

    tatjana ♥

  11. Dear Sus,
    that key with the heart caught my eye... and heart.
    And your memory box with the treasures and the key... like a shrine of love. Wonderful!

    May I invite you to the next dc? I am your hostess.

    xo Ariane

  12. Don't you just love it when someone gives you a little gift of something that is so you! It's a special treat. "Memory of X" is a delightful box of curiosity. May I ask what the object on the lower left corner is? Have a marvellous week. xo Carole

  13. you have a wonderful collection of keys (I love the little mr key!!). and your memory box is so beautiful!
    wish you a creative week! :-) mano

  14. dear Sus, i get very close to my screen to peek into your 'memory box of X', quite mysterious, little angels, a lock of hair, a flying bird, i get a sad feeling but than there's that lion key and the red string coming through the box and that's like comforting (just my interpretation dear)

    i like your father giving you keys just because you like them,
    i like them too,
    thanks for tis lovely post, xx

  15. i like the idea of collecting keys
    but i have not done this
    they are a promise of something to be opened and revealed
    your memory box is a joy to see

  16. What a great collection of keys! I also love their diversity and mistery...what door did they open, who used it, was it important? I also love keyrings and have a little collection of them, too!
    Your box is amazing! I felt just like Renilde and tried to come as close as possible to the picture to explore the details! ;o)


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