Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dye Process - Step Two

Last week I continued working with thickened Procion dyes.  Step one was done by stamping with black dye using my hand-carved rubber stamps 'vocabulary'.  After the black has cured I am ready to move on to applying color to my design on the soda-soaked cotton.  Here are some close-ups of the work in progress.
Here I have used a mix of thickened and thin dye.  Thickened dye tends to stay where I put it.  Thin dye runs.

These pieces have now been completely dyed, cured, and washed out.  I can take them to the sewing machine tomorrow, very exciting!  Meanwhile, Flossy and I are off to earn our keep at the Mighty Mighty Day Job today.  
Wishing you joy of the morning, Dear Readers.


  1. This is looking wonderful. I imagine it to be a lot of fun to quilt. Look forward to seeing it finished.
    Have a great week, sus. Hugs.

  2. Ha, Sus, it must be a lot of fun playing with the dye after you used your stamps !
    Love the use of thin and thickened dye

  3. Sus, these are lovely. I love the way you've use both thick and thin dyes. It ads a certain depth to the fabric that I'm sure will even be more enhanced as you go along. I'm trying to guess the sizes of the fabric but I'm just going to ask. How big are they?
    I hope your MMDJ went well today and you can forget all about it while sewing tomorrow! xo Carole

  4. Susan, I like this a lot, I feel like to try and do that, I would like to, I'll try.
    I love your design!

  5. I especially like your little bird. It reminds me of the gloriously colored Western Tanager! May try to stop in Friday if I make it in to town. I'm still in trip recovery mode.

  6. this is quite wonderful
    i love that you carved the stamps
    such a charming piece


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