Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ideal Hiking

 The days of Daughter's visit have flowed by: sunny, warm and lovely.  Both inveterate walkers, we have been hiking every day here on the Island, in the Tongass Rainforest.  Yesterday we walked the Three Lakes trail to Ideal Cove.
Flossy was our guide, of course.

Hill Lake, where the trail splits off to the salt water of Frederick Sound

The water lilies are particularly bright in the sunshine.

The trail is in great shape, boardwalk all the way.

Arriving at the beach, we stopped for a minute to rest, and sniff around.
Spot the Sheltie!

Horn Cliffs on the right, looking Northwest up Frederick Sound.

LeConte Bay - those white things at the base of the island are icebergs from the glacier up there.
Too soon, time to head back home.

The wildflowers love the sunny summer days as much as we do.

Forget-me-not - the State flower; Yes, days to remember forever!


  1. That is all, entirely beyond gorgeous, Susan, with such breathtaking mountain views ~ a glorious place! Lucky that you have such fine footpaths ... are they maintained by the park service? volunteers? Such a fine way to spend time with daughter & fluffy one.

  2. Wonderful place for a hike... and lovely to have your daughter with you :)
    (I did spot the Sheltie, too)

  3. B E A U T I F U L :–)

  4. Pretty..... the scenery, the Flossy, and the daughter! xo Carole

  5. dear sus,
    today i took myself some extra time
    for your wonderful work and the incredible place you life in!!
    what a mix. i try to imagine how the landscape smells over there,
    flossy could tell me, right;)
    thank you for sharing this wonderful walk AND your great work!
    big hug, julia

  6. Wonderful photos, Sus. They capture so well the moments both you and Sarah will always remember. Thanks for sharing. Don

  7. What a great time the three of you spent together !
    These footpaths are great. Everything is so green and big !

    (no bears around ?)

  8. Gosh it is beautiful where you live Sus! I can just smell the fresh air. What breathtaking vistas. I love that someone made a wooden sidewalk, or forestwalk. What an enjoyable post. N, xo

  9. looks like beautiful walking
    and enjoying
    summer activities!

  10. i see nothing but beauty here, must feel so very good to walk there with your daughter, x

  11. Hiking in such a place must be a glorious experience- especially with your daughter along!


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