Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Relishing Summer

So much to be grateful for this week... skies...

...warmer temperatures...

...LONG days...

...and Summer's Screaming Green palette.

crab apple blossoms

baby pine cones
Best of all, our Daughter is coming for a week's visit tomorrow and our Son is coming up to work for the summer on Sunday.
I will be taking a little break from studio work this week.  Here are some projects in mid-stream, waiting for my return:

detail of  one of a series of procion dye paintings, waiting to be stitched

monoprint, acrylic paint and prismacolor pencil on cotton, 6"x8", waiting to be stitched

containers of low-water emersion over-dyes, all cottons, which I will rinse out tomorrow while I wait for Daughter's plane to land in the morning

Hope your week is going well.  Got gratitude?


  1. Great landscape photos -- I'd love to get up to Alaska sometime.
    I'm grateful EVERY DAY for an unfettered life, no have-tos or shoulds, and everything I need.
    Have a great week, too, you. Enjoy your kids! xo

  2. Screaming green for sure. I am going to paint today. . . unfortunately most of it will be with deck paint, but I am GRATEFUL for the SUN!!

    So delicious to have children at home. I always wish all of ours were closer. Enjoy yours!

  3. Wonderful photos Sus -- they'd be great painting subjects. and the ongoing projects look like they, too, will be winners.

  4. i can find some of that luscious green in your work and the light,
    such a happy post dear Sus, life can be so sweet, enjoy it all, xx

  5. Glad summer 's there, Sus !
    Wow have a great time, with the whóle family together !!!
    Sure the studio can wait a bit ;-)
    Oooh, that tiny (because I see a huge pin !) monoprint is a little gem !!!
    (looks like a happy house to me ;-) !)

  6. Fine photos. beautiful dyed fabrics, and good news about your children, enjoy them, I also I have two daughters far away, and when they come to visit us is a party (then, I cry farewell, but everything is too much to ask, right?) :))

  7. I too am loving the long daylight hours, the blue of the sky, the warm temperatures and the green of the leaves! Thanks for sharing the beauty in your world - the lovely scenery, your amazing creations and that you get to spend some time with your children. I too am feeling blessed to have my children (plus another mothers daughter) with us for the summer.

  8. wonderful pictures, great nature! and your work is beautiful.
    I wish you a happy time with your children! :-) mano

  9. Hi, Sus. Your scenery photos are always so gorgeous and remind me of the differences in light that we experience. Of course, I paid particular attention to your pieces that are awaiting stitching--lovely. And I rather fancied "Nadia's View" in the previous post with the warm colors.
    best, nadia

  10. Oh yes, so much gratitude! I am continually amazed at how beautiful your surroundings are!! enjoy your time with your family dearest Susan!! XO

  11. Sweet :-)
    I love the purple detail Sus!

  12. Have fun with your family pinecones are very cute!!!

    Helen x

  13. Very nice- I love what you've done with the monoprint! Have fun with your kids!

  14. hello
    your photos are so beautiful
    and your art a joy to see
    wishing you a wonderful time with your family ~


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