Sunday, June 23, 2013

High Summer (Solstice DC)

'High Summer' pigma pen and inktense pencil in 8x6 gamma
I hope you are not all tired of looking at scenery photos here in my little back water of Blogland, but I just can't get enough of this weather.  After two years of literally NO warm sunny weather, we are blessed with reason to remember why we live here in Southeast Alaska.

On the morning bridge
calm water murmurs memories
of last June’s floods
while birdsong chorus
lightens the dawning day.
Thank you,
most High and Glorious Creator
for Solstice and
the World 
full of
Summer’s radiance and glory
this longest day.

Thanks to my Bloggish friend Kirsten for this week's Drawing Challenge theme, 'Solstice'.  Beautiful images await you at her inspiring place, A Sunny Spot. Whether it is Summer or Winter Solstice in your part of the World, I wish you a week full of magic.


  1. Yes and I wish you a week of magic dear Sus. Wonderful colors in this drawing. I like the 'guy' and I love the photos of your world. There is never too many shots by the way. Talk soon, N, xo

  2. Yes, it is such a treat to see blue sky AND to feel warm breezes on bare skin. As much as I don't wish to live in a warm climate, it has been a welcome respite from silvery gray skies and constant moisture. Clothing drying in the sun, dust off the road, flowers blooming almost simultaneously in a cosmically coordinated riot of color.

    BBQ's, beach walks, languid naps in the sun. . . all worth indulging in, while we can!

    Your butterfly reminds me that I've seen more moths and butterflies in the past couple weeks, than probably in the past ten years. I hope that is a good thing.

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  4. I never tire of scenery.. especially parts of the world a million miles from me. Lovely shots.. thank you

  5. oh I'm not tired at all to look at your pictures, you live in a beautiful place! enjoy the weather as much as you can! I can see the joy and the summer colours back in your drawing, love the purple you used!

  6. Enjoy and joy :–)

  7. I see in your beautiful drawing a person cherishing the sun, i read it in your poem and no! never tired of looking at your amazing surroundings, this is a real ode to summer Sus xx

  8. Wow! What a stunning place you live! I hope you had a most magical solstice.xx

  9. Get tired of this scenery? not a chance! It looks to me like you live in paradise!

  10. Wow those photos are totally amazing and worth the 2 years to get ;) Just kidding, I'm sure your neck of the woods has magic all seasons!
    Your little painting is glorious and I'm so curious about the sci-fi aspect :)
    Thanks so much for playing along and Happy Summer :)!

  11. Nope, Sus, not tired of your amazing Alaskan scenery! Keep posting photos.
    Your drawing captures the lusciousness of summer's colours. I'd love to see the butterfly fluttering about in my garden! Enjoy the warm days. xo Carole

  12. Fabulous post with such amazing pics! Sky is high and light is bright - oh, I love it!! Leena

  13. we can never be tired of seeing photos of beautiful scenery, (though the sun does not want to appear, sometimes)
    I think in your painting you can really feel the summer! :)

  14. no no, I am not tired!
    I always enjoy visiting your place.
    And the drawing is so nice, too, nature around you and inside is alive.
    x Stefanie

  15. hello,
    your drawing is lovely and serene.
    i will not tire of your beautiful land
    i love seeing other places
    so happy you are enjoying nice weather!
    your poem shares it beautifully.

  16. I'm not tired at all at all these breathtaking wonderful pictures - its like a virtually visiting your place which I enjoy to no end. And I'm glad to get glimpses of parts of the world I'm probably won't visit. Thank you for that!
    Your painting is a magical as the landscape with the lush green and this wonderful butterfly, very nice!

  17. Oh, I am so touched, dear Sus, by your amazing photos (even in the last posts... sweet daughter!) and your words... your poem.. prayer of thanksgiving. Wonderful softly drawing... butterfly's antenna... feel the light and enthusiasm.

    xo Ariane.

  18. i want your world, sus. yeah? ;)))
    no, not enough.


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