Sunday, June 16, 2013

morning, noon and night

Not much time this weekend to do anything but play outside in the sunshine...


and night!
Thanks to Helen for this week's drawing challenge theme.  Check out more round the clock visual action over at her delightful blog, Objects of Whimsey.


  1. This weather has been completely seductive (and nap-inducing, too)! It is such a treat to feel overdosed with Vitamin D.

    I'm looking at your photos and trying to determine if they are photo overlays, or if you actually printed on the originals. I like the textured, dreamy quality they have, however you've accomplished them.

    Enjoy your guests AND the sun. Both will likely be gone much too soon.

  2. Hi Sus- are these altered photos? I especially love morning and night!

  3. Those photos (1st and 3rd) look more like Gelli prints. Really wonderful!

  4. nice filters Sus

    so glad you are having lovely weather I know how precious it is up your way :)) I hope you are soaking up some vitamin D.

    Have a lovely week
    Helen :)

  5. your morning and night have the lustre i gladly find in images...

  6. play Sus! in that great landscape you are surrounded with and enjoy all it's hidden treasures, wonderful, x

  7. I love these photos- they look like 19th century paintings- very cool filters!

    I'm up for the next Dc if you'd like- "solstice" would love to see you :)

  8. The bestest part Sus, is that you are completely aware of the beauty around you. And too, that you create such beauty and share it with us. Thank you for that! N, xo


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