Wednesday, November 20, 2013

100 Year Celebration Stole

As mentioned in my last post, I have recently completed a couple of projects, one being a celebration stole commemorating my congregations' 100th anniversary.  Last evening I presented the stole to our Pastor and the church council.  I'd like to show you a few detail shots of the piece as it was being created.
You may remember when I dyed silk dupioni and raw silk for this project during the summer.

The dupioni is ombre style, running from bright yellow-green through deep indigo.

Tracing a pattern for the stole from an existing one, I drew a simple design on freezer paper and ironed that onto the silk which I had prepared for fusing with Misty Fuse.
freezer paper being traced with tree design

 I included 'stars of gold on a field of blue' in honor of Alaska's state anthem.
The golden hills at the lower edges of the stole were cut from remnant silk velvet I had dyed long ago and serendipitously kept in my scrap bag.
Once the design elements were fused I edged them with dense zigzag binding stitch.

The finished stole.  I can't wait to see it being worn by Pastor Mike this weekend!

P L C: 1913-2013


  1. Oh my, sus, what a gorgeous, brilliant stole!!! You absolutely rocked it.
    A few years ago I wove a stole for the outgoing minister of the Center for Spiritual Living which I attended when I lived in Eureka. The weaving draft had a prayer woven into it, that said "There is one life, that life is god, that life is good, that life is my life now."

  2. Oh YES ! I remember those gorgeous greens Sus !!!!
    You did a wonderful job with that stole !
    I think your Pastor and all of the church people were delighted !
    (another dear item you will leave behind there ;-) ..... )

  3. Sus, this is beautiful. The hills of gold are glorious--serendipitous, indeed!

  4. Oh my, this is gorgeous!

    has it been worn? I can only imagine that people will enjoy it.


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