Sunday, November 10, 2013

DC - Tattoo

'Fancy Tattoo Designs' - pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 8x6 sketchbook
My Sailor rarely asks anything of me and has never told me what to do with one exception: NO tattoo!  I have respected that request (he has no tattoos, either), but know what I would have if I do ever decide to get inked:
the snake around the heart, above.
Thanks to talented artist and blogger Patrice for the challenge this time.  Visit her amazing place for more art-on-skin by fabulous artists from around the globe.


  1. I like that idea too...especially so colorful a design, I think would look nice
    Maybe a temporary tat you make yourself ;)

  2. bodypainting - also a possibility, even your design is so fantastic colorful!

  3. such a colorful and happy post
    my love says the same

    thank you for joining

  4. Hi Sus, Thanks for saying hi on my so slightly neglected blog. I wouldn't mind a tattoo, although my own sailor captain doesn't like them either. But a snake? That would be a double whammy for him! I think your idea is cool! xoxo

  5. I cracked up over your *agreement* with the Sailor. Sometimes it's tempting tho, isn't it? ;>]]

  6. Had to laugh too Christi ;-)
    I like some tattoos (daughter has a lovely hummingbird)
    though not always .... and nót when a LOT is done without
    taking care if the disigns fit nicely together ....
    Nót for me though (don't want to endure the pain (and the risks))
    .... I think too : bodypainting is a nice alternative ;-)

  7. it is so interesting to hear of people liking or not tattoos.
    I was surprised at how many artist friends are not interested, me included.

    love all your tatty designs ;-)

  8. your sailor must be an exception to the rule. i'd appreciate it. when i see anyone in a tattoo i am so drawn to it, but not out of fascination. n♥


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