Saturday, November 16, 2013

Breathing Room

Last week, my Mother shared a link to a guest post by Jane Davies over at Diane Trout's place on making hot glue stencils.  

Today I celebrated completing two major projects by relaxing with my glue gun and gelliplate. Talk about FUN! 
After some free-form doodling directly on a teflon sheet (parchment paper can be used instead) I  drew a design on paper and placed it under the teflon.  

While the glue is still hot, slip a second sheet on top of your design and rub gently to smoosh the glue flatter.  (Jane Davies video tutorial explains all)! 

I ended up with about a dozen stencils in short order.
Kinda hard to see them, sorry.

Soon I was happily up to my elbows in ink, pulling monoprint after monoprint! 

The recent change in our weather was my inspiration.  

Snow is in the air...

...but not yet on the ground.

 I added the stars with silver acrylic paint and my rubber stamps.

In addition to snowflakes, I 'gloodled' a forest of pinetrees.

I am still loving printing on Japanese papers, but am anxious to try Rives BFK, as recommended by Roberta Warshaw.

I will reveal the two major projects in the next week or two when they have been presented to the future recipients.  Nice to have some days with no deadlines at last!  Hope you are finding some time to breathe and explore a new avenue.  
Happy weekend!


  1. J'adore!!
    I like these pictures !!
    Very nice post! Thanks & Welcome for your comment and your next visit to my blog.
    Have a nice day! Cath.

  2. Excellent, Susan, and I and it seems very funyy!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, what a great technique as I am not as much of a fan of the clean edges of most stencil and this has a much more organic feel.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's been a little hard to keep up with others lately. I'm so glad I found this post today and plan on sharing it!

  4. I saw Jane's video a week or so. Love what you've done with the technique -- better than what Jane did, imo. I think I might need to get myself a new glue gun! And they're sure higher tech than they were when I had one, eons ago. Have a good week, my friend. xo

  5. Wow great .... looked at the video right away ;-)

  6. OMG what fun! And so lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this. I can't wait to give it a go.

  7. Wow- a great idea, Sus, I love these prints! you could use these glue/decals for collograph printing, too. Rives BFK is my favorite paper hands down, I love it! It will take an awful lot of abuse, which makes it great for multi-media work.

  8. This looks like such fun and the effect is really great! do they last awhile? I'll have to check out the video!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. You're amazing, Sus. You have an incredible gift which you so unselfishly share with us all. Gladys at the church office should pass this post on to all members of the congregation that have email addresses -- Hint

  10. Oh my gosh..... I'm catching up with your blog and what do I find but beauty in every post! These mono prints are stunning. You of multiple gifts always inspire me. Thank you, Sus. xo Carole


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