Saturday, November 23, 2013

Autumn Drawing Challenge

It was too late, too cold; autumn here passed away at the time of the full moon last week, but I decided to play anyway.  
Then on Wednesday, an insane amount of snow began to fall.
a few of autumn's last hold-outs

 By Thursday morning, at least 14 inches of powdery snow covered our little Island.

I chose to wait at home for my excellent neighbor to plow out my driveway and didn't get into town until almost noon.

Snow covered Sing Lee Alley, on the way to my studio which is located in the large barn-shaped building with the red roof.
It was fun to have a 'snowcation'.
(Of course, Flossy LOVED it).

I think the winter weather has brushed off on my painting!

untitled as yet, 14"x10" acrylic on heavy, rough watercolor paper
'Autumn Spirit and the North Wind' prismacolor pencil and pigma pen in 8x6 sketchbook
Thanks to Ariane, our beautiful last rose of summer, for this drawing challenge.  Be sure you stop over to her ever so beautiful castle for links to other players in the Autumn challenge.  


  1. This is a lovely composition - my eye loves travelling down the sleeve, then up around the windy swirls up to the full moon. Chuck a snowball for me!

  2. I like the daily drawing, but boy, the colours in that painting Sus :
    gorgeous !

  3. Well hello snow!
    I love the drawing of the 'Autumn Spirit and the North Wind'

  4. oh, and how i love your working space, even if i see here just the roof, the shape and the sheer size! many artists in there? and snow like that already? jolly jeepers! sure that north wind's ablowing...! it has been here, but mainly dry.
    your drawn and coloured autumn leaves please me so much. as a matter of fact, the composition is really appealing.

  5. Hi Sus, wow snow already and not even a little, hard to believe! Your autum drawing with the colored leaved, empty trees and all the wind blowing illustrates perfectly autum, really lovely.
    Barbara Bee

  6. Wow your fall goes by fast!! tho we are getting close to that same season with a bit of a dusting last night of snow...your painting is lovely- I am especially involved with he shapes and blues and texture as always you do so well!

  7. Oh Sus, Autumn Spirit shows such a lovely sleeve, bedecked with stars that I imagine give a soft glow. North Wind makes such a lovely dance partner.
    Snow! Isn't it magical? I is all kinds of other things too, but to me, always beautiful. The name of the Alley leading to your gorgeous studio space! I imagine there is a story to it. Love your art, *smiles* N, x

  8. whoa, 14" is a lot of snow! snowy autumn eh!
    I forgot to check on this weeks prompt, darn and drat ;-)

    your art is wonderful to see, i love the see through sleeve with snowflakes.

  9. snow!!! my kids are waiting here...
    I could imagine your painting on the glass of a window, very nice, I love the white.
    x Stefanie

  10. wauw...already winter!
    like your first painting
    all those bright cold colors i like very much
    and the drawing ha! just as it is right now
    the colors, the wind, the bare trees
    and yes, a full moon!


  11. we had a few first snowflakes today morning, my son got shiny eyes...
    but also this can be autumn, can't it? i remember when my brother was born in beginning october years ago there also was snow.
    i really love both of your paintings. i like the colors in the first and the spirit of the second one. north wind and the trees and moon in the back - it really touches my heart...
    x dania

  12. Oh I love snow! I can't wait. But we don't have much of it over here ;-( I love your last drawing, with the leaves and the wind blowing. Love the colors!

  13. if your able I'm host for this weeks challenge :)

  14. All of that snow. Unbelievable. My kids would love it! Here, it makes the News when it drizzles. Not kidding!
    Your winter and autumn inspired drawings are lovely with their soft colors and flow. so much movement, my eye is directed all over the place, calmly. Just beautiful.
    I am late with my post, but it is up and I'm really looking forward to next week!
    Stay warm.

  15. Yikes, that's a lot of snow! Thanks for showing us snippets of your little island wonderland. Flossy must be beside herself happy! The seasons sneak into our art whether we know it or not. Your paintings and drawings tell us so much. Love the winter painting! Keep warm. xo Carole

  16. Oh wow, winter definitely took over the scene! But I like the way you found last autumn glimpses within the snow! Lovely paintins, too, especially the winter piece.


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