Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 Winter is creeping down the mountains toward us and the bright sunny days signal colder temperatures.
The sun is sinking lower and lower in the afternoon sky, fading into deep dusk by 4:30 pm.
 Overnight, fog coats branches and leaves with a glittering rime of frost...
...which brings out the delicate lacy textures of the different plants.
 My camera was not able to capture the astounding rich red I saw along side the logging road.
'Winter is coming', as goes the motto of House Stark.  


  1. though I am not the biggest winter fan, just not cold resistant enough, these look beautiful! like a memory from some hidden past. greetings from berlin.

  2. I really love this time of year way out west, as we are ... and it seems you do, too. Have been looking forward to frost & all its photogenic beauty which seems to have come your way already!

  3. Great photos, Sus. We went out, too and will have to post some of them one of these days. It was the kind of morning we cherish.

  4. I love your colorful tattoos! And the colors in your surroundings are breathtaking as winter approaches! Send LA some of that cold, will ya?

  5. Your frost photos are so lovely, Sus, It looks like you live in a gorgeous part of the world!

  6. such beautiful frosty photos!
    i love frost and photographing it.

  7. and winter here on your pages is delicate, delicate.
    can't wait.

  8. Oh yes beautiful winter is on its way to you - having already arrived here where I sit, not far North of you. Beautiful images!


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