Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Lovely Ladies Luncheon (by Flossy)

As you may already know, I have a very important position in local government as Assistant to the Mapping Technician.  
 I do all the calculations, in addition to Other Duties as Assigned.

It is absolutely exhausting.

Recently, the Mapping Technician (Mother) left our office mid-morning to meet with some Important People, leaving me alone to work. 

 Before I knew it, Noon had come, which is when I always get to take a little walk outside, but I was still Alone!

 Of course, I was understandable distraught, and called out for Help!


My good friend Aunt Valerie, who works Downstairs, came quickly.  She suggested that I come home with her for a Lovely Ladies’ Luncheon!  Of course, I was thrilled to accept, and we whizzed off in her little blue car.

 Aunt Valerie lives at Jazz’s house. 

 Jazz is a taller than I am, and her food bowl was a bit hard to reach.  

I managed to help myself and ate daintily, 

 one piece at a time.

Jazz also has a Cat.  I never did figure out why she was so ill-tempered...

Her food bowls were at a much better elevation.

After lunch, Jazz invited me out into her yard for a Pee.
I had an absolutely marvelous time.  
Thank you, Aunt Valerie and Jazz, for your hospitality. 

I hope Readers get to go to a Lovely Ladies Luncheon some day.  Eat from the tall bowl first, and watch out for Cats!


  1. joli aventures, tes photos sont sympathiques !
    Have a nice day, Cath.

  2. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥......!
    :))) mano

  3. Wonderful addition to sitting at Ted Stevens International Airport. Thank you!

  4. Ha! looks like she had a special treat of a day :) Such a cutie!!

  5. Priceless story, Flossy! I'm so glad you get to go to work everyday with your mom. I would hate to think you had to be home alone without her. FYI, we cats aren't so bad, really. It just takes us a bit of time to get used to you canines. Give Cat a break next time you see him/her. Hugs from BeeGee

  6. She was an absolute delight and I hope she gets to come for lunch again soon! :)

  7. Flossy, a friend to pee with, yes indeed, that is a special friend indeed! Your mom has nice friends who treat you just great! I love your long snoot by the way. Hugs, Norma, x

  8. Dear Flossy, if I have a Lovely Ladies Luncheon some day, I hope you will come. I know it would be a very long trip, but I would like to meet you. There are no cats inside my house, only outside...they don't live here either. From your friend, Gilly.

  9. Love the post. Niko would have loved to join them although she might not have shared as well as Jazz.

  10. Hi, Susan!
    I can hardly write because I'm laughing.
    I loved this story with pictures
    You are very funny, it tells me so!
    Thank you very much, today I woke up a little sad, but I got up the courage!
    Good week for you!
    Beautiful animals (I have a Labrador like that)
    What a grumpy cat, let him sleep outside tonight!

  11. Hi sus, this post made me smile, thank you for that. Your doggy is absolutely lovely as this story, so so cute. Love it.
    P.S. my dog would eat all food bowls empy beeing invited somewhere.
    Barbara Bee

  12. Ahhh, fond memories of Petersburg. Snickers was a good kitty although a bit persnickety! Jazzy & I miss you both! Love and hugs, dear friend!


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