Saturday, November 30, 2013

Every Day Objects - Drawing Challenge

Sitting cozy in my red chair this evening after a cold and busy day, our dining table and chairs looked pretty ordinary, and a fitting subject for this week's drawing challenge as proposed by the amazing Kristen.  
We enjoyed a really fine Thanksgiving feast right here day before yesterday.

  'Ordinary' pencil in 8x6 sketchbook

The every day objects in my home are comforting in their familiarity.  Drawing such objects is a way of seeing them more clearly.  The time spent observing and moving pencil across paper is a mediation, a wander back in time through the magic of memory.

How many meals together at this table?  
How many more?   
    At Kristen's Sunny Spot you can take a look at the interpretation of this theme as presented by an extra-ordinary group of artists from all over the world.  I'm headed over there now, myself.
Wishing you all a glorious Advent.


  1. Merci pour ce partage ! superbe post !
    Bon dimanche ! Have a nice day- Cath.

  2. such a fine, FINE drawing!
    i love pencil on paper
    and should do that more often
    making drawings of everyday objects
    your tablesetting looks cosy and welcome
    one day i will have a round table
    one day

    Patrice A.

  3. I believe that although there are many family meals on the same table, each of them is not a matter of every day, each, leave your memories in us as unique. have a nice week!!! :)

  4. I used to have those exact chairs -- they were the most comfortable wooden chairs I'd ever sat in. Unfortunately, when I downsized so hugely several years ago, I sold them to a friend and gave the oak table (which I'd had since 1979 although I'd only bought the chairs in 2005) to Sequoia Humane for their thrift shop. Great drawing BTW! xo

  5. Wow Sus! such a strong drawing- your lines are elegant and focused! Wonderful! and your words about drawing and memory are tender.
    Thanks so much for playing along- hope you have a great night :)

  6. Yes Sus, in that cosy corner by the table I would
    love to have a cup of tea with you ;-)

  7. Nice!
    You should make a graphic novel Sus :)

  8. You scored again, Sus. The photo looks so inviting and the drawing absolutely captured the feeling.

  9. This corner and table look so inviting in your photograph! and your drawing is beautiful I long the strong sure lines - I find chairs such a hard thing to draw, but yours are so lovely.

  10. What a wonderful way to deal with this DC, ordinary objects and at the same time they are not, because you have so much memories to these table and chairs. I love it! I found out that you have different and sometimes more memories of you're looking through old sketchbooks then at pictures. I try to do this when I'm on a holiday but it is a good idea to do this at home..... really love this one Sus!

  11. fantastic! I like your drawing, so well done, so nice to imagine the family at this table, seems to be a comfortable place!
    may I invite you for the next d.c.?
    x Stefanie

  12. Yes Sus the lines make one look and think and ask about what has taken place there, at this scene of the dining table. And a fine dining table it is!!! Nice drawing my friend, hugs to you, Norma, xo

  13. Hi Sus. The familiar family table with it's stories and memories. I hope you have many more family gatherings at your table. May your Advent season be glorious also. xo Carole

  14. Oh, how comes I missed your daily objects until now?
    Love your drawing. It's so cozy and peaceful!


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