Saturday, November 2, 2013

'Sidelines' at the Clausen

Last night was a joy, welcoming the community to view my 'Sidelines'.
Thank you again for the flowers, Mother and Dad!

Such fun to show some work I have done for the Drawing Challenge along with paintings and oddball sculptures.

I shared some of my artist books - this one made with gelliprint papers...

...and the one I made for our 'Philip' DC.

'Inventory' - acrylic collage on canvas, 20"x24"

'The Connect' - acrylic collage on canvas, 68"x47"

'Miracle' - acrylic collage on canvas, 24"x36"

Best of all was seeing people's delight as they browsed the six sketchbooks I made available for viewing.  
Outside of my family and blog readers, no one had ever seen these drawings. 

My friends Don and Karen encouraged me to post this link to the radio interview I did with Petersburg painter and radio reporter, Joe Vichnickie.

PS - Flossy regrets that I have been a 'Blog Hog', and says she is ready to do a post of her own again soon if she can ever get a word in edgewise.
Happy weekend, All!



  1. just listened to your nice to hear your voice, you talking about your work (splendid idea of Don and Karen), a different experience, bringing your post so alive, bringing you and your show closer.
    the glowing colors make your work so accessible , than a story begins to reveal itself and everyone can 'read' as much as he/she wants, the more you look the more you see, but one can also just enjoy the flowing lines and colors.
    congratulations dear Sus and thanks, xx

  2. Oh how i would love to see this at the Clausen in person..and yes to browse through all of your six sketch books!
    Cool to hear you speak Sus :–)

  3. What a great show, and thanks for the postcard! Hope it's really successful. I'd love to see your work in person. Flossy does look as though she has a bee in her bonnet...better let her blog again soon! Hugs.

  4. oh sus, this is so cool... i especially love that you put your journals out. that is a gift to everyone... well, i guess it's *all* a gift, but sharing your journals somehow seems like the biggest...


  5. So great to hear your laugh at the very end of the sound clip. It's just nice to hear your voice period, but most enjoyable is hearing you talk about your work; about those ladders and houses and motifs I've noticed over time. Congratulations dear art friend...on a smashing one woman show. I cannot say enough (and you know how often I've gushed about) how I adore your little books. Yeah for your little books! Talk soon Sus. I've taken a small break from the drawing challenge as I'm helping my daughter get her stock prepared for the busy Christmas season of craft fairs. Love to you and your pooch (who by the way is awesome.) N, xo

  6. Wonderful and inspiring show, Sus. Now I'm going to go back and sit down with your sketchbooks in peace with no time constraints. I always marvel at the your posts from your sketchbook so it will a real treat to see the real things. Don

  7. Congratulations Sus, I wish I could have been there. It looks wonderful.

  8. that looks like a wonderful event
    and interesting experience to have strangers looking at your sketchbooks

    i enjoyed looking at everything that you shared!

  9. Congratulations, Sus! How brave and kind of you to share your sketchbooks with your viewers. And your INTERVIEW..... it's great to hear your voice and laugh! Thanks for sharing. I love the photo of you and your painting on the interview link.
    Oh and give Flossy some blog time you blog hog!!!! :) xo Carole

  10. it's great to hear your voice and the statements to your work (drawing challenge!!) and to see you on the picture, so nice!!
    congratulations to this wonderful exhibition!
    ...and I'm in love with flossy!
    :-) mano

  11. Oh Sus! It all looks so beautiful! Wish I could see it in person. I will have to come back to listen to the interview, as must get ready for work now. Congratulations on a beautiful show (would love to look through your sketchbooks too)


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